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Laura Powell - Ayurveda Certification

Laura Powell Earns Ayurveda Certification After Years of Coursework

Laura Kathryn Powell, from Austin Texas, is a professional event planner with a passion for yoga and wholesome methods of attaining peace, exercise, and happiness. She earned her Ayurveda certification after many hours of practice and course instruction to professionally apply teachings with clients. In addition to a vigorous yoga schedule, Laura Powellbalances her professional life […]

Laura Powell Combines Yoga and Ayurveda to Achieve Wholeness and Improve Well-being for Her and Her Kids

Laura Powell has studied yoga techniques and Ayurveda practices for years, learning how their physical and mental benefits can improve overall well-being. She shares her insight with readers in the hopes that they will adopt similar practices to achieve greater wholeness for them and their children. Laura Powell is a graduate of St. Edwards with a […]